Arizona Cardinals Struggling, But Holding On A Closer Look at Their Journey

Arizona Cardinals Struggling, But Holding On A Closer Look at Their Journey

Discover the journey of the Arizona Cardinals through a season marked by injuries and challenges. Please learn how they navigate these obstacles as key players’ return looms.

Current Standings

The Arizona Cardinals are in a precarious position with a 1-5 record. This does not surprise many, as it was expected, given that star quarterback Kyler Murray has been absent due to injury.

A Hopeful Beginning

Initially, the Cardinals seemed to be performing better than many had anticipated. Much of this optimism was driven by the commendable play of quarterback Josh Dobbs, who took on the starter role in Murray’s absence. Dobbs showed potential and promise in the initial games, making a strong case for himself.

Facing Realities

Despite a strong start, Dobbs has been facing challenges lately. After showcasing solid performances with passer ratings of at least 99 in three consecutive games and maintaining no turnovers, Dobbs is now finding the going tough. Recent games have seen him turning over the ball five times and missing crucial connections with teammates like Hollywood Brown and Zach Ertz that could have resulted in touchdowns.

The Impact of Injuries

Injuries have also hampered the team. The absence of running back James Conner has been particularly felt. Conner’s presence on the field previously shielded Dobbs, allowing for a more balanced game. With Conner injured, Dobbs finds himself more responsible, and the pressure seems to affect his gameplay.

Calls for Change

The current state of affairs has led some to call for a change. Voices suggesting that the Cardinals should give rookie Clayton Tune a chance are getting louder.

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Looking Ahead

With Murray’s imminent return, hope is on the horizon for the Cardinals. The focus now is on Dobbs, who needs to maintain composure and hold the fort until Murray is back in action.


In conclusion, while the road ahead seems challenging for the Cardinals, there is still hope with the anticipated return of key players. Dobbs has a critical role to play in ensuring stability until that happens. Only time will tell how the team maneuvers through these trying times.

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