Bugatti's CHIRON Pur Sport A Seamless Blend of Classic Aesthetics and Modern Performance

Bugatti’s CHIRON Pur Sport: A Seamless Blend of Classic Aesthetics and Modern Performance

Bugatti’s latest CHIRON Pur Sport model offers a luxurious driving experience while paying tribute to the automotive brand’s storied history. 

The vehicle’s interior is adorned with intricate aesthetic details honoring the company’s founder, Ettore Bugatti. 

In addition, the iconic EB branding is generously displayed throughout the car, creating a connection between the past and present.

The CHIRON Pur Sport is part of Bugatti’s latest model lineup, including the CHIRON Sport, CHIRON Super Sport, Chiron Profilée, DIVO, LA VOITURE NOIRE, CENTODIECI, and the technical concept BOLIDE. The W16 MISTRAL is another upcoming model, although it is not yet subject to Directive 1999/94/EC as type approval has not yet been granted.

Bugatti’s CHIRON Pur Sport, like other models in the range, demonstrates the brand’s commitment to performance and efficiency. 

As a result, the model year 2021 and beyond see slight increases in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions compared to previous years. However, the vehicles continue to fall within the efficiency class G.

The WLTP (Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedure) ratings for the CHIRON Pur Sport are as follows: fuel consumption (l/100km) ranges from a low of 44.650 to a combined 25.190, while CO2 emissions (g/km) are a combined 571.636. 

The CHIRON Super Sport and CENTODIECI models have similar ratings, with the former boasting slightly lower fuel consumption and emissions.

The DIVO and LA VOITURE NOIRE models have a WLTP fuel consumption range of 43.333 l/100km on the low end and 22.324 l/100km combined. 

As a result, CO2 emissions for these models are a combined 505.606 g/km. The NEFZ (New European Driving Cycle) ratings for the DIVO are 23.5 l/100km for combined fuel consumption and 553 g/km for combined CO2 emissions.

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As for the BOLIDE and W16 MISTRAL models still need to be subject to the Directive above 1999/94/EC. 

The BOLIDE is a technical concept, while the W16 MISTRAL awaits type approval.

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Bugatti Model Overview: Fuel Consumption, CO2 Emissions, and Efficiency Class

ModelFuel Consumption (l/100km)CO2 Emissions (g/km)Efficiency Class
CHIRON Pur SportLow: 44.650Combined: 571.636G
Combined: 25.190
CHIRON SportLow: 43.333Combined: 505.606G
Combined: 22.324
CHIRON Super SportLow: 40.310Combined: 486.723G
Combined: 21.470
Chiron ProfiléeLow: 44.650Combined: 571.636G
Combined: 25.190
DIVOLow: 43.333Combined: 505.606G
Combined: 22.324
LA VOITURE NOIRELow: 43.333Combined: 505.606G
Combined: 22.324
CENTODIECILow: 40.310Combined: NAG
Combined: 21.470
BOLIDENot subject to DirectiveNot subject to DirectiveN/A
W16 MISTRALAwaiting type approvalAwaiting type approvalN/A

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