Calling All University Students Join the Unique Sperm Quality Competition in China!

Calling All University Students: Join the Unique Sperm Quality Competition in China!

University students in Zhengzhou, China, can participate in a one-of-a-kind competition to win up to 6,100 yuan while contributing to a significant cause.

Hey folks!

Here is something you only hear sometimes. 

A sperm bank in Henan, China, is doing something unusual to encourage more young men to donate sperm. 

They are hosting a competition for university students to find the person with the “highest quality” sperm. 

Let us dive in to find out more!

The Buzz about the “High Quality” Sperm Competition

In a bid to find the “super sperm,” so to speak, Henan Province Human Sperm Bank has turned the act of sperm donation into a competition. 

You heard that right! 

University students in Zhengzhou can participate in this one-of-a-kind contest and even get rewarded for their contributions.

Why University Students?

Now, why are they focusing on university students? 

According to the sperm bank, university students tend to have “high-quality” sperm. 

Moreover, they are not just looking for any sperm; they have set criteria that participants have to meet. 

These include being between 20 and 45, at least 1.65m tall, and leading a healthy lifestyle – meaning no smoking, excessive drinking, or drug use.

The Criteria for the “Invincible Contender”

So, what does it take to be the “invincible contender” in this competition? 

It is all about the quality of the sperm. 

The bank will examine the sperm concentration, volume, structure, and how fast the sperm moves to name the winner.

And guess what? 

The winners will not be revealed publicly; they will be celebrated as “nameless heroes.” Talk about being a secret superhero, right?

Let’s Talk Rewards

Participants can earn up to 6,100 yuan (about S$1,150) depending on various factors, including how many times they donate. 

It is a win-win; you get to help others while receiving a reward for your good deed!

Getting Ready to Donate

Before you rush off to donate, there are a few things you need to know

Men need to avoid sexual activity for about a week before donating. 

Personal hygiene is a big deal, so showering before heading to the health facility is necessary.

Join the Conversation

This competition has got people talking and sharing their bold pledges online, with some even willing to forego the reward for a shoutout if they win. 

It is creating quite a stir on social media platforms like Weibo, where people share their excitement and make pledges linked to the competition.

The Bigger Picture

This is about more than just the competition, folks. 

China has been facing a serious decrease in fertility rates. 

By encouraging more young men to donate sperm, this initiative aims to help address the issue. 

It is a creative way to approach a serious problem.

Your Chance to Be a Hero

So there you have it, guys! 

If you are a university student in Zhengzhou, this is your chance to be a hero, albeit a “nameless” one. 

It is not just about the competition but about helping others and significantly contributing to a critical cause.

What are your thoughts on this unique competition? Let us know in the comments below!

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