Father of Tennessee Titans Player Dies in Tragic House Explosion

Father of Tennessee Titans Player Dies in Tragic House Explosion

Tragedy strikes as the father of NFL player Caleb Farley dies in a North Carolina house explosion. Investigation underway; community and team offer support.


In a heartbreaking incident, Robert Matthew Farley, the father of Tennessee Titans player Caleb Farley, lost his life due to a devastating house explosion in Mooresville, North Carolina. The explosion occurred late on Monday, leaving behind a trail of destruction and grief.

Tragic Loss Strikes Farley Family

Late Monday night, a tragic incident unfolded in Mooresville, North Carolina, as a home owned by Caleb Farley exploded, resulting in the death of his father, Robert Matthew Farley. The explosion, which occurred just before midnight, shook the area and led to the demise of 61-year-old Robert Farley, as reported by the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office.

No Suspicion of Foul Play

Authorities have stated that there is no suspicion of foul play surrounding the explosion. The Iredell County Sheriff’s Office has indicated that the circumstances of the explosion are being investigated, focusing on a possible natural gas issue.

Caleb Farley Unharmed

Caleb Farley, the 24-year-old NFL cornerback drafted by the Tennessee Titans in 2021, was not home during the explosion. This fortunate circumstance spared him from harm’s way.

Injured Friend Recovering

An individual described as a friend of Caleb Farley was also at the scene during the explosion and sustained injuries. Thankfully, these injuries are not believed to be life-threatening. Although the blast concussed the injured person, he was found leaving the vicinity when the fire officials arrived.

Investigation Ongoing

Kent Greene, the director of fire services and emergency management, has confirmed that an investigation into the incident is underway. While the possibility of a natural gas issue is being explored, no definitive cause has been determined as of yet.

A Devastating Loss for Caleb Farley

Robert Farley, who tragically lost his life in the explosion, was the father of Caleb Farley. The Titans’ website and fire officials have both confirmed this relationship. It is an especially poignant loss for Caleb Farley, as his mother, Robin Farley, died of breast cancer in 2018.

Support from the Community and Team

Dominion Energy, the utility company, is collaborating with emergency officials to investigate the explosion. They expressed their condolences to all those affected by this tragedy. The Tennessee Titans, including their head coach Mike Vrabel, have supported Caleb Farley and his family during this difficult time.


The Mooresville, North Carolina community and the NFL world are mourning the loss caused by the devastating house explosion. As the investigation unfolds, the thoughts and sympathies of many remain with Caleb Farley and his family as they grapple with this immense tragedy

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