A Heartbreaking Incident in Fort Mitchell: Unpacking the Story

A Heartbreaking Incident in Fort Mitchell: Unpacking the Story

The tragic event in Fort Mitchell: Treasure Hennessy, a pregnant woman, is tragically taken too soon. Dive into the heart-wrenching story.

Hey, folks. It is always tough to share distressing news, but being informed is essential. So, let us break down what happened in Fort Mitchell recently, where a woman tragically lost her life.

The Victim: Treasure Hennessy

37-year-old Treasure Hennessy was eight months pregnant and found herself in a challenging situation. She sought refuge from her ex-boyfriend at the Fort Mitchell Fire Station, a safehouse for those escaping domestic violence.

The Ex-Boyfriend’s Fear

Enter Bradley Wayne Stokes, a 39-year-old man with a past. He had just finished a 14-year prison stint for a previous crime involving another girlfriend. Bradley was terrified of going back to the slammer. Why? Because he believed Treasure was about to report him for domestic violence, which would mess up his parole conditions.

Desperate Measures

Treasure made several distress calls against Bradley in the last two months. Wanting to break free from the cycle of abuse, she shifted out of the place she shared with him. The Fire Station seemed like the ideal spot to find some peace. However, sadly, that was not to be. She was found cruelly stabbed multiple times.

Catching the Culprit

Thanks to the quick work of local law enforcement, Bradley did not get far. Sheriff Heath Taylor and his team located him in a hotel in nearby ColumbusGeorgia. And guess what? They also found what they believe to be the knife used in the crime.

Piecing It All Together

Bradley’s track record is not great. Before this incident, he had spent time in jail for the shooting death of a former girlfriend in 2008. Shortly after getting out, he got involved with Treasure. According to Sheriff Taylor, their relationship was rocky.

What is Next for Bradley?

Now, Bradley faces some serious charges. He is considering capital murder and will be moved back to Russell County soon. The local sheriff’s office oversees this case, ensuring every detail is examined.

It is a grim story, friends. However, we need to be aware and vigilant. For Treasure and many others out there, always look out for one another. If you know someone in a similar situation, offer them support or guide them to professional help.

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