Irish Teachers Dive into AI What is the Buzz

Irish Teachers Dive into AI: What is the Buzz?

Irish educators explore AI to enhance classroom integrity. Discover the AI4T initiative and its impact on Irish education!

Hey there, readers! 

We have got some exciting news from the world of Irish education. 

Teachers in Ireland are gearing up to blend artificial intelligence (AI) into the classroom. 

But why the sudden interest in AI? 

Let us dive in!

Why Bring AI into Classrooms?

Here is the scoop: Education Minister Norma Foley believes there is a chance students misuse continuous assessment systems to cheat. 

That does not sound good. 

So, to counteract this, they are considering using AI to ensure things stay fair and square.

AI4T: A Cool New Project on the Block

Have you heard of AI4T (Artificial Intelligence for Teachers)? 

It is a partnership between Ireland’s Department of Education and the European Union

The project even had a little test run in some classrooms. 

The outcome? 

A handy guide called “AI for Teachers, An Open Textbook” was born.

Pretty cool, huh?

However, here is the twist – not everyone’s on board. 

Some teachers say, “AI? Count me in!” while others worry robots might replace them. 


Tech is Changing Fast; Schools are Trying to Keep Up

Ever feel like technology is moving at the speed of light? 

Schools feel the same! 

A report by UNESCO highlighted that schools sometimes need help to catch up with rapid tech changes. 

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However, here is the silver lining: the Department of Education is proactive. 

They are working with the big guns, like the EU Commission, to ensure they navigate this tech world wisely.

And guess what? 

The EU has even dropped some guidelines for teachers on how to use AI and data in classrooms. 

How neat is that?

What Are Other Groups Saying?

INTO (the Irish National Teachers Organisation for the uninitiated) is also chipping into the conversation. 

They want to understand what AI means for our beloved teachers and students. 

Word on the street is that the role of AI in education will be a hot topic at an upcoming big meeting for the OECD Trade Union Advisory Committee.

A Quick Note on the Leaving Cert

Before I wrap up, there is another tidbit to share.

Minister Foley has hit the pause button on a plan. 

This plan was all about having teachers assess parts of the Leaving Cert. 


Well, there are some hiccups in the world of AI that they want to sort out first.

That is the lowdown for now! 

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