Maui Community Bands Together in Wake of Devastating Wildfires

Maui Community Bands Together in Wake of Devastating Wildfires

Discover the heartwarming stories of unity and resilience emerging from Maui as Mayor Richard Bissen shares the community’s journey of recovery and hope post-wildfire

Hey friends, it has been a tough time for our beautiful island. 

It is hard to believe it has been a month since those terrifying wildfires changed many lives in Maui. 

But guess what? 

Our community shows the world how strong and united we can be. 

Let us catch up on what has been happening from a chat our Mayor Richard Bissen.

We are in This Together

First things first, there is much love going around. 

People are pulling together to help out their neighbors. 

Mayor Bissen cannot stop talking about the amazing support everyone has been showing each other. 

It is like a huge family looking out for one another.

A New Home for Many

Now, let us talk about finding everyone a cozy place to live. 

About 6,000 of our friends and neighbors are currently staying in hotels, while many others are in short-term homes. 

Moreover, a big plan is in the works to ensure everyone has a comfortable home with everything a home should have, like a kitchen and a laundry room. 

It will be a big job, but we are up to it!

Let’s Chat, Neighbor!

Mayor Bissen is saying, “Hey, let us talk!” He wants to hear from everyone about how they are doing and what they need.

He encourages us to chat with our neighbors more instead of just getting all our news from social media. 

It is a good reminder to find support and understanding from the people next door.

Do not Forget, We are Still a Paradise

Here is some good news for all of us worrying about our island’s economy. 

Governor Josh Green reminded us that Maui is still a paradise and a great place for visitors. 

Moreover, the more visitors we have, the more jobs and money will come in to help everyone. 

So, let us keep showing the world the beauty of Maui!

Strength in Unity

We are all about being strong together. 

Our mayor keeps saying how proud he is of everyone, from the kids to the seniors, showing the true spirit of Maui.

We are not just rebuilding homes but building a stronger community.

Keep the Aloha Spirit Alive

So, as we keep moving forward, Maui family, remember we are doing it together, with lots of aloha.

What do you think about how things are going? 

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