TWICE Members Jungyeon & Dahyun Test Positive for COVID-19, Unable to Perform at 'Ready To Be' Show in Seattle

TWICE Members Jungyeon & Dahyun Test Positive for COVID-19, Unable to Perform at ‘Ready To Be’ Show in Seattle

Seattle, Washington – A recent announcement by JYP Entertainment revealed that TWICE’s Jungyeon and Dahyun would be unable to participate in the group’s highly anticipated ‘Ready To Be’ show in Seattle. 

The event, scheduled for June 16 (PDT), will proceed with the remaining seven members.

Positive COVID-19 Test Results for Jungyeon and Dahyun


JYP Entertainment shared that Jungyeon and Dahyun had been feeling unwell and underwent COVID-19 testing. 

Unfortunately, the test results came back positive for the virus. 

As a precautionary measure, the two members will take time to recover and focus on their health while their fellow TWICE members take the stage.

TWICE Continues Tour in North America


Despite this setback, TWICE’s ‘Ready To Be’ tour in North America will proceed as planned. 

After Seattle, the group is scheduled to perform in Dallas on June 21, followed by Houston from June 24 to 25, and Chicago from June 28 to 29. 

The tour will continue throughout July, bringing TWICE’s electrifying performances to fans across the United States.

Concern for Jungyeon and Dahyun’s Health


Fans and supporters of TWICE have expressed their concern for Jungyeon and Dahyun’s health on social media platforms. 

Many have sent heartfelt messages and wishes for their speedy recovery. 

The group’s agency, JYP Entertainment, has assured fans that the members receive proper medical care and monitoring.

COVID-19’s Impact on the Entertainment Industry


This unfortunate situation serves as a reminder of the ongoing challenges faced by the entertainment industry during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Despite strict preventive measures, including regular testing and safety protocols, the virus can still affect artists and disrupt planned performances. 

TWICE’s experience highlights the importance of prioritizing health and safety to protect artists and their fans.

Looking Ahead to TWICE’s Future Performances


As TWICE continues its North American tour, fans eagerly await updates on the recovery of Jungyeon and Dahyun. 

The group’s energetic and captivating performances have garnered a large following worldwide, and their absence in Seattle will undoubtedly be felt. 

However, fans remain optimistic that the talented duo will soon return on stage, showcasing their immense talent and charisma.

Stay tuned for further updates regarding TWICE’s ‘Ready To Be’ tour and Jungyeon and Dahyun’s recovery progress as they navigate this challenging time.

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