Twisted Sugar in Belmont to Close Its Doors Permanently on Thanksgiving Eve

Twisted Sugar in Belmont to Close Its Doors Permanently on Thanksgiving Eve

Belmont’s beloved Twisted Sugar announces closure. Join the community in saying goodbye to a local favorite in gourmet cookies and sodas this Thanksgiving Eve.

Belmont, North Carolina – The beloved local gourmet cookie and soda shop Twisted Sugar has officially announced its permanent closure on Thanksgiving Eve, November 22, 2023. 

The unfortunate news was shared by the store on social media, leaving the community heartbroken and disheartened. 

Citing unforeseen circumstances behind the closing, the store has bid farewell to its loyal customers in Belmont.

Community Expresses Sadness Over Closure

Twisted Sugar has not just been a store but a popular spot that brought sweetness to the lives of the locals and visitors in Belmont. 

The closure announcement saw an outpouring of disappointment and support from the community on social media. 

The closure has undeniably struck a chord with many, receiving over a hundred comments across three posts, reflecting the profound sense of loss felt by the Belmont community.

Last Chance to Grab Your Favorite Sweet Treats

For all the sweet-tooth enthusiasts who have cherished the wide range of delightful cookies and diverse soft drink flavors at Twisted Sugar, Thanksgiving Eve marks the last opportunity to relish their offerings at the Belmont location. 

It is the final call to experience the delightful, sweet treats that have become a staple for many in the community.

Lincolnton Location to Continue Operations

In a glimmer of hope for the fans of Twisted Sugar’s delicious offerings, the Lincolnton location is set to remain open despite the closure of the Belmont store. 

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Twisted Sugar assures that the Lincolnton store will continue to serve the delightful gourmet cookies and a plethora of soft drink flavors that the brand is celebrated for.

Looking Forward to a New Beginning

While grappling with unforeseen challenges, Twisted Sugar maintains a sense of optimism as they explore possibilities for a new location. 

They leave the door ajar for a potential return, keeping the hopes of their ardent admirers alive.

In the heartfelt messages exchanged on social media, it is evident that Twisted Sugar holds a special place in the hearts of many. 

Its closure marks the end of an era, but the sweet memories forged within its walls will linger in the hearts of the Belmont community.

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