Twitter Shares More Political Ad Info After Report

Twitter Shares More Political Ad Info After Report

Twitter shared new information about political ads on Tuesday.

This showed that the company made a lot more money from these ads than they said before.

This happened after POLITICO said Twitter was not sharing all the information, even though they said they would be open about it.

The new numbers from Twitter say they made over 50 times the money they told us before.

Twitter should have said why they gave us this new information or why some ads POLITICO discussed were not included.

Instead, when people email Twitter for information, they still get a poop emoji.

In January, Twitter said they would let people do political ads again, even though they stopped in 2019.

There are only a few rules about what companies like Twitter need to tell us about these ads.

Twitter does not list all the political ads on its website like Google and Meta do.

Instead, people have to ask for this information using a form.

On Tuesday, Twitter gave new information to POLITICO.

Andrew Arenge, who works at the University of Pennsylvania, shared it.

Before, Twitter said they made less than $1,700 from political ads. Instead, they say they made over $94,000 from ads on over 12 accounts.

The new numbers have ads from some political accounts that were not there before.

Andrew Arenge has been asking Twitter for this information every day.

However, the new numbers still need some ads POLITICO found before. For example, they found ads from Rep. Elise Stefanik and Adam Frisch, who is running for Congress.

The new numbers do have ads from Sen. John Fetterman that POLITICO found before.

However, most of these ads were to raise money for Fetterman.

Other politicians with ads on Twitter include Rep. Steve Scalise and Vivek Ramaswamy, who is running for president.

Ramaswamy spent more than $10,000 on Twitter ads.

His ads had videos and links to his podcast instead of asking for money.

The group that spent the most money on ads was MammothNationUS. They call themselves a “conservative marketplace.” They have spent more than $33,000 on Twitter ads since February.

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