UAW Members Join Forces to Demand Better Compensation and Benefits

UAW members across the U.S. unite in protest, demanding better wages and benefits. Tensions rise as 25,000 union members join the nationwide strike.

Memphis, Tennessee – As the unrest within the auto industry grows, UAW members from multiple states have joined to amplify their call for better wages and improved benefits.

Tentative Agreement in Sight


In a recent update, nearly 4,000 UAW members from Mack Truck across Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Florida (from UAW Region 8 & Region 9) have indicated that a tentative agreement has been reached. 

The specifics of the agreement are yet to be disclosed.

Growing Unrest and Solidarity in Memphis


Members from a Middle Tennessee United Auto Workers union branch recently visited Memphis, strengthening the picket lines where their colleagues have already been protesting. 

This comes after UAW members at the AC Delco Distribution Center on Pleasant Hill Road, which has ties to General Motors, initiated a walk-out, taking their grievances to the streets.

Decades-long Struggle for Fair Compensation


Highlighting the urgency of the matter, Jeffrey Thomas, president of UAW Local 2406, pointed out, “Contracts affect beneficiaries. Those who have lost their lives and our benefits are deeply impacted by what emerges from the contract.” Drawing attention to the prolonged nature of their struggle, Thomas reminisced about similar protests back in 2019, lamenting the lack of substantive change despite rising costs of living and various socio-economic challenges.

In a spirited query, Thomas questioned, “So if you were in my shoes, wouldn’t you ask for more? Wouldn’t you expect more?”

Unity in Protest


Sunday’s strike saw a merging of forces. 

Members from the Middle Tennessee branch joined hands with their Mid-South counterparts to consolidate their strengths and demands. 

“We are trying to keep the morale up. We’ve got tremendous support from the community,” Thomas stated.

Further strengthening their show of unity, another group of union workers established their base just three miles from the Pleasant Hill location, preparing for an extended protest. 

“We are making our votes count,” emphasized Thomas, envisioning the demonstration as “a moment in history that will last for a long time.”

Awaiting the Call


While members of the United Auto Workers union at the General Motors plant in Spring Hill haven’t been summoned to the strike, they are keenly offering support to their fellow workers in Tennessee. 

The Memphis UAW members commenced their picket just over a fortnight ago, and recently, there’s been a beckoning for the Spring Hill workers to participate.

The Spring Hill Union has encouraged its members to join the protest in solidarity and support. 

Those unable to be present physically have been urged to donate essentials like snacks and water, furthering the unity amongst the UAW community.

A Nationwide Call to Action


The current situation marks the third week since the UAW initiated calls nationwide, urging members to “Stand Up and Strike” to demand better pay in their contracts. 

According to the Spring Hill UAW, the tally stands at 25,000 union members across the U.S. who have already answered this call to strike.

A potential strike at Spring Hill could impact 3,500 GM plant employees, though, for now, operations continue as usual.

The nation watches closely as the UAW members, old and new, join forces, hoping for a resolution recognizing their demands and contributions to the industry.

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