Amsterdam's New Bike Garage

Amsterdam’s New Bike Garage

Amsterdam’s Underwater Bike Garage: A revolutionary bike-only parking space in Amsterdam showcases the city’s green vision. Dive into its eco-friendly impact and residents’ reactions.

Amsterdam built a special parking place under the water. However, it is not for cars – it is for bicycles. This big space can hold 7,000 bikes and shows the city’s idea of a cleaner and green city.

Quick Facts About The Bike Garage

They started building this bike parking spot in 2019 near a big train station. It opened recently in January. 

For the first day, you can park your bike for free. After that, it is $1.46 each day.

Biking is Big in The Netherlands

Lots of people in the Netherlands like to ride bikes. 

Big bike parking places in other cities, like one in Utrecht, can fit 12,000 bikes!

Meredith Glaser, a bike expert, says cities need good bus and train services and places for bikes to help people use fewer cars.

Why Biking is Good

Riding a bike is good for your health. 

It can strengthen your heart and muscles and help you feel less stressed.

Bikes also help the environment because they do not make smoke like cars. 

If more people ride bikes, our air will be cleaner. 

Plus, we will not need as many roads, which is good for nature.

What People Think

People in Amsterdam are happy about this new bike place. 

One person said it was a great plan, and another said it looked modern and cool, like something from a famous movie.

To sum it up, Amsterdam built a big underwater place for bikes to show they care about a clean city and healthy people.

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