Arizona Cardinals' Upcoming Season A Friendly Chat

Arizona Cardinals’ Upcoming Season: A Friendly Chat

Discussing Arizona Cardinals’ 2023 prospects: A look into challenges in offense and defense. Can the Cardinals defy the odds this season?

Hey there, football fans! 

Let us chat about the Arizona Cardinals and what is in store for them in 2023. 

If you have followed their games, you know it will be quite the season.

Is Our Offense in Trouble?

Firstly, let us talk about Josh Dobbs. Remember him? He has had only two career starts since 2017. 

And guess what? 

He is leading the Cardinals’ offense this season. 


With that kind of experience, you can probably guess the challenges ahead.

The Real Concern: Defense!

Here is where it gets tricky. 

Our pals at the Los Angeles Rams are predicted not to do so great. 

They might let their opponents score a whopping 460 points throughout the season. 

However, hold onto your hats because the Cardinals are close behind that prediction. We are talking 458 points. 


To give you a small quantity of history, the Cardinals had a pretty rough patch back in 2003. 

They gave away 452 points in 16 games. 

If we do the math right, this season could set a new (and not so glamorous) record.

So, What is Up With Our Defense?

  • Safeties: Here is some good news! Our safeties are looking sharp.
  • Defensive Interior: Not so rosy here. They might have a few hiccups.
  • Edge Rushers: These guys are a wild card. A lot is known about their game.
  • Linebackers: Let us say they could do better.
  • Cornerbacks: Lastly, the cornerbacks have a few question marks hovering over them.

However, hey, it is not all doom and gloom. When our main defenders played in the preseason, they seemed to hold their ground. So, fingers crossed!

A Little Hope on the Horizon

All is not lost, however. 

If our coaches, Jonathan Gannon and Nick Rallis, play their cards right, strategize well, and motivate our boys, we might have some pleasant surprises this season. 

Here is to hoping for the best!

All right, that is the roundup for now. 

Stay optimistic, and let us cheer on the Cardinals as they tackle the challenges of the 2023 season! 🏈🎉

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