The Rise of Menopause Retreats What You Need to Know

The Rise of Menopause Retreats: What You Need to Know

Discover the rising trend of menopause retreats, offering women unique wellness experiences and bonding opportunities during this natural transition.

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Today, we are diving deep into an exciting trend sweeping the travel and wellness world: menopause and perimenopause retreats. 

Yup, you heard that right! Spas and resorts are catching on to the unique needs of women going through this natural transition.

Why the Buzz About Menopause Retreats?

Let us start with the basics.

By 2025, a whopping 1.1 billion women globally will have experienced menopause. 

That is a big number! 

Moreover, the travel industry is picking up on this wave, creating special programs for women to help them manage everything from those pesky hot flashes to those unexpected mood swings.

Bonding Over Shared Experiences

One of the most magical things about these retreats?

The chance to bond with fellow women going through the same journey. 

Melissa Biggs Bradley from Indagare, a travel company, says, “There is a great healing and discovery when a group of people are going through a similar circumstance.” 

So, it is not just about the spa treatments (though they sound fantastic!) but also about the community.

My Adventure at the Six Senses Hotel & Spa

Want a glimpse into what these retreats might look like? I recently took a plunge and headed to the Six Senses Hotel & Spa in Portugal. 

Picture this: tailored strength training sessions, collagen-boosting facials, cold plunges, and even bio-hacking treatments! The aim? 

To understand and better navigate the hormonal roller coaster that is menopause.

However, here is a word of caution: while such retreats can be incredibly refreshing, always be skeptical of any medical claims they make. 

Dr. Lauren Streicher, a menopause expert, advises that while bonding and sharing are great, some information presented might not be scientific. 

Always consult a licensed physician for long-term solutions.

Spotlight on Some Exciting Retreats

  • Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health: A retreat called “Unearthing the Wisdom of Menopause Rituals for Self-Care and Discovery.” Think yoga, Ayurvedic practices, and a celebration of transformation.
  • Jaavu Spa at the Amilla Maldives Resort: Led by Claire O’Sullivan, this retreat revolves around four themes – balance, move, relax, and evolve.
  • Indagare’s Wise Women retreat: Focusing on hormonal shifts’ impact on various aspects of health, including sleep, mood, and metabolism.
  • The Raj Ayurveda Health Spa: Embraces Ayurvedic treatments, giving guests herbal body treatments, yoga, meditation, and more.
  • Feisty Menopause retreat: Tailored for active women, this retreat focuses on exercise, strength training, and nutrition.
  • Les Marguerites in France: Offers coaching, meditation, tincture-making, and yoga, aiming to shift the narrative around menopause.
  • Menoheaven: Located south of London, it aims to destigmatize menopause with discussions led by a naturopath, nutritionist, and yoga teacher.
  • The Preidlhof Spa Hotel Offers a variety of treatments like massages, acupuncture, holistic coaching, and even forest bathing.
  • Camiral in Spain: This retreat revolves around five themes – Reconnect, Energize, Nourish, Recover, and Grow.

In a Nutshell

Menopause retreats are all the rage now and for a good reason. 

They provide a blend of self-care, community, and education, which, as Dr. Heather Hirsch says, can leave a lasting impact. 

If you are considering joining one, remember to research, and here is to embracing this beautiful phase of life with grace and gusto!

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