Broncos Cheerleader Anticipates Start of Regular Season

Broncos Cheerleader Anticipates Start of Regular Season

Get Ready for Game Day with Broncos Cheerleader Berkleigh Wright! This exciting news piece follows her journey from the sidelines to the Sports Illustrated Swim Search.

The excitement is palpable as the Denver Broncos gear up for the forthcoming regular season, and none other than their spirited cheerleader, Berkleigh Wright, is all set to kick off the action in Week 1.

A Broncos Enthusiast on the Sidelines

Broncos Cheerleader
Broncos Cheerleader

On a recent Friday afternoon, Berkleigh Wright, a devoted cheerleader for the Denver Broncos, shared a snapshot on her Instagram account that had fans buzzing with anticipation. In the snapshot, she could be seen holding a lasso, fully adorned in her Broncos attire, as she often is. The only element missing to perfect her Broncos-themed ensemble was a cowgirl hat, which, no doubt, would have completed the style look.

A Lively Caption Sets the Mood

In her caption accompanying the photo, Wright playfully wrote, “Lasso up,” encapsulating the Broncos’ energetic spirit and readiness to take on the challenges of the upcoming season.

A Rising Star with a Growing Following

With more than 36,000 devoted followers on her Instagram account, Berkleigh Wright has steadily captured the hearts of Denver fans over the past year. Her infectious enthusiasm and vibrant presence have made her a cherished figure both on and off the field.

From Broncos to Swimwear: A Multi-Talented Journey

Not confined to the sidelines, Wright recently revealed a different side of her talents. Earlier in the year, she disclosed on her Instagram that she had secured a spot among the top 12 contenders for the Sports Illustrated Swim Search. In an April post, she humbly expressed her gratitude for the opportunities that had come her way: “Sappy post alert! I have been holding this close for a while, but I could not be more honored to share that I have made the Top 12 in the 2023 Sports Illustrated Swim search. This journey has just begun, but there are no words to express my gratitude for the people and experiences I have encountered thus far.”

A Game to Remember

Broncos Cheerleader
Broncos Cheerleader

As the regular season commences, all eyes will be on the Broncos facing off against the Raiders on September 10. This game marks the beginning of the new season and heralds the start of the Sean Payton era.

Front and Center at Empower Field

As the anticipation builds for the Broncos’ opening game, it is a safe bet that Berkleigh Wright will be front and center at Empower Field at Mile High that Sunday. Her infectious enthusiasm, unwavering support, and dynamic presence are sure to add to the excitement of the dawn of a new football season.

With the energy and dedication of Berkleigh Wright and the Broncos team, fans can look forward to an exhilarating season filled with spirited performances and thrilling victories.

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