Calls for More Funding to Support Students in Sixth-Form Colleges

Calls for More Funding to Support Students in Sixth-Form Colleges

There are urgent calls for more funding in sixth-form colleges to meet rising student needs and educators’ push for enhanced support.

Educators are urging increased funding for sixth-form colleges to help them offer better support to students. 

Charles Bartholomew, a principal at LIPA Sixth Form College in Liverpool, pointed out that students today face a more complicated world and need more help than before.

Growing Challenges for Students

Bartholomew explained that the challenges students face have grown, making it essential for colleges to provide more services, like counseling and specialist advice. 

The Sixth Form Colleges Association has noticed a 15% drop in funding since 2010, which makes it tough for colleges to support their students properly.

Urgent Need for More Money

The association is asking for an extra £710 per student by 2025. 

They say this extra money is needed to address rising costs and ensure every student gets the support they need. 

LIPA Sixth Form College, which shares its name with the famous performing arts school founded by Sir Paul McCartney, is one of the places looking to expand and offer more to students.

Not Just About Classes

James Kewin, from the Sixth Form Colleges Association, said that young people’s needs have changed. 

They need help with getting ready for work, advice on their careers, and support for their mental health. 

He believes the current funding needs more and that the government should update its approach to meet these needs.

Government Promises More Funding

In response to these calls, the Department for Education said it plans to invest an extra £1.6 billion in education for 16 to 19-year-olds by the 2024-25 financial year. 

They aim to help more young people get the skills they need for good jobs in the future.


There is a strong call for more investment in sixth-form colleges to help students navigate today’s complex world. 

With demands for a wider range of services rising, educators and associations are pushing for increased funding to ensure students are well-prepared for their next steps in education and careers.

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