False Alarm at University of Oklahoma No Active Shooter Found on Campus

False Alarm at University of Oklahoma: No Active Shooter Found on Campus

The University of Oklahoma in Norman experienced a scare on Friday night when reports of an active shooter surfaced.

However, after a thorough search by authorities, no threat was found, and the campus was declared safe.

Around 9:30 p.m. CT on Friday, the university tweeted a warning about a possible active shooter at the Van Vleet Oval.

The school advised everyone to “take immediate action now. Run. Hide. Fight!”

Shortly after, another tweet mentioned that campus police were investigating “possible shots fired” and urged people to avoid the South Oval area and shelter in place.

Around 90 minutes later, officials confirmed that the campus was secure and that there was no threat to the community.

Oklahoma State Highway Patrol Trooper Eric Foster told CNN no injuries were reported, and university police issued an “all clear” alert.

The university’s official Twitter account updated at 10:53 p.m. CT, stating,

“After a thorough search, no threat was found. Therefore, there is no threat to the campus. Therefore, an alert has been canceled.”

The shelter-in-place order was lifted after authorities completed their search and cleared the campus late Friday night.

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