India vs Pakistan in Football A Historic Rivalry Explored

India vs Pakistan in Football: A Historic Rivalry Explored

India vs Pakistan in Football: A historic rivalry reignites in the SAFF Championship 2023. Catch the live streaming and match details here.

India and Pakistan have faced each other 29 times on the football field, showcasing a long-standing rivalry between the two nations. 

The Indian football team has emerged as the dominant force in these encounters, securing victory in 16 matches while losing only four. 

The remaining nine matches resulted in draws, highlighting the competitive nature of the games.

A Historic Rivalry in Sports

The rivalry between India and Pakistan extends beyond football, with cricket and field hockey also witnessing intense battles between the two nations. 

However, political tensions have limited the number of football matches played between the teams over the years.

India and Pakistan’s Encounters

In international matches, India and Pakistan have clashed 29 times. 

India has displayed its dominance by winning 16 matches, while Pakistan has managed to secure victory only four times. 

The remaining matches ended in draws.

SAFF Championship Matches

The SAFF Championship, a regional football tournament, has witnessed nine matches between India and Pakistan. 

The first encounter between the two teams in 1993 ended in a 1-1 draw, with goals from Muhammad Nauman Khan and IM Vijayan leading to a deadlock. 

This remains the only draw between the two teams in the SAFF Championship. 

India has emerged victorious in seven matches, including two semi-finals, while Pakistan has won only one match during the 2003 edition.

India vs Pakistan in SAFF Championship 2023

The SAFF Championship 2023 is set to be hosted by India as they enter the tournament as defending champions following their victory in 2021. 

India clinched their eighth SAFF title by defeating Nepal 3-0 in the final held in the Maldives.

Uncertainty Surrounding the Match

There were uncertainties surrounding the match between India and Pakistan on the tournament’s first day due to delays in visa processing for the Pakistani team. 

However, on June 19, the Indian High Commission cleared all pending applications, ensuring the smooth travel of the Pakistani squad. 

From a four-nation tournament in Mauritius, Pakistan will arrive in India, where Djibouti emerged as the champions.

Anticipated Showdown

In any context, the clash between India and Pakistan is always a highly anticipated event. 

As the two teams face each other on the opening day of the SAFF Championship on June 21 at 7:30 PM (IST), football fans worldwide, not just in the sub-continent, eagerly await an enthralling match.

Match Details and Live Streaming

The match between India and Pakistan in the SAFF Championship 2023 will occur at the Sree Kanteerava Stadium in Bangalore on June 21. 

The match is scheduled to start at 7:30 PM (IST). Football enthusiasts can catch the live broadcast of the SAFF Championship 2023 on the Star Sports Network. 

Additionally, the matches can be live-streamed on the Fancode app and website.

Tickets and Tournament Details

Fans can purchase tickets for the SAFF Championship 2023 from the Paytm Insider app and website. 

The tournament will be held at the Sree Kanteerava Stadium in Bangalore from June 21 to July 4. 

It features two groups: Group A consists of India, Kuwait, Nepal, and Pakistan, while Group B includes Bangladesh, Bhutan, Lebanon, and the Maldives.

The SAFF Championship 2023 promises an exciting series of matches, with the final scheduled for July 4. 

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