Russia Launches Overnight Drone Attack on Kyiv after 12-Day Pause Ukrainian Military

Russia Launches Overnight Drone Attack on Kyiv after 12-Day Pause: Ukrainian Military

Russia conducted an overnight drone attack on Kyiv and its surrounding region, breaking 12 days of relative calm.

According to Ukrainian military officials, air defense systems successfully intercepted and destroyed all approaching Russian weapons on Sunday.

The attack involved a total of eight Iranian-made Shahed drones and three cruise missiles, all of which were effectively shot down by Ukrainian forces.

Colonel General Serhiy Popko, who leads Kyiv’s military administration, expressed his dismay in a post on the Telegram channel, referring to it as “another enemy attack on Kyiv.”

As a result of the drone attack, three private houses in the Kyiv region were damaged by falling debris, causing injury to one individual, as confirmed by Ruslan Kravchenko, the military head of the region, on his Facebook page.

Witnesses in the area reported hearing blasts resembling air defense systems’ sound engaging targets.

However, at the time of reporting, no details regarding the extent of the attack were immediately available.

At 2 a.m. local time (2300 GMT), Kyiv, its surrounding region, and several central and eastern regions of Ukraine were on high alert for air raids. This state of alert lasted for approximately one hour.

The continuous conflict between Russia and Ukraine has inflicted significant damage and suffering on both sides.

Ukraine’s air defense systems have proven effective in countering the Russian attacks, but the ongoing hostilities emphasize the urgent need for a peaceful resolution to this escalating crisis.

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