Johnny Depp A Story of Ups and Downs

Johnny Depp: A Story of Ups and Downs

Johnny Depp’s journey: From Hollywood highs to personal lows and a comeback. Discover his career twists, Netflix saga, and future projects.

Johnny’s Big Year and Big Problems

In 2015, Johnny Depp had a great year. 

He married Amber Heard and acted in big movies like Pirates of the Caribbean and Fantastic Beasts. 

However, by 2016, things changed. 

His marriage ended, and Amber said he hurt her. 

Because of this, he lost some big movie roles.

Why Did Netflix Take Out Depp’s Movies?

Some of Johnny Depp’s fans noticed his movies were not on Netflix anymore. 

People thought it was because of his problems. However, that was not true. 

The real reason was that some companies, like Disney and Paramount, wanted their movies on their platforms rather than Netflix.

What is Johnny Doing Now?

Even with his troubles, Johnny has not stopped working. 

He played a king in a French movie called Jeanne du Barry

This movie got much praise at a big film event called Cannes.

Johnny told Vogue France that playing a king made him think about his life. 

He and the king were famous and could only go somewhere without people noticing.

He is also working on a cartoon called Puffins and a movie he is directing called Modi. 

Plus, he is working with a big fashion brand called Dior again.

In short, Johnny Depp has had good times and bad times, but he keeps moving forward in his career.

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