Understanding Antisemitism in America Today

Understanding Antisemitism in America Today

Antisemitism in America is rising, but many often overlook or excuse it. It is vital to recognize and confront this growing prejudice.

Antisemitism is Increasing

I have been a rabbi for over ten years, and during that time, I have seen more and more acts against Jewish people. From online threats to tragic events like the shooting at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, antisemitism is rising. Many people have shared stories about facing antisemitism, but sadly, many others do not take these incidents seriously.

Ignoring the Problem

Many times, when someone acts or speaks against Jewish people, the public tries to find excuses. For example, when Kanye West said hurtful things about Jews, some people said he was not against Jews; he was not feeling well. Moreover, on some online platforms, antisemitic comments are just considered as people expressing their opinions. There have also been famous figures, like Roger Waters, who have done things that upset many in the Jewish community but then said they were not being antisemitic.

It has Happened to Me Too

I have also faced moments where I questioned whether something was truly against Jews. One time, during big protests in 2020, someone broke the door of my synagogue. Maybe they were angry about other issues, not because it was a synagogue.

Why Do We Ignore It?

Despite many reports, like one from the Anti-Defamation League in 2023, showing that attacks on Jewish people are at their highest, many still do not want to discuss it. Some do not know much about Jewish history or fear the rising hate. Others do not want to upset people they know or have unknowingly believed false things about Jewish people.

We Need to Speak Up

We have to stop ignoring this problem. Antisemitism, or prejudice against Jews, is a big issue today. Everyone needs to recognize and stand against this kind of hate.

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