Mass in Santa Rita Neighborhood God Empowers Us to Help Our Community, Says Governor Capitanich

Mass in Santa Rita Neighborhood: “God Empowers Us to Help Our Community,” Says Governor Capitanich

Governor Jorge Capitanich attended a mass on Sunday evening in the Santa Rita chapel in the western area of Resistencia.

The group was held in honor of the Patron Saint of the Impossible, and the governor emphasized the importance of having a church that is responsive to the people’s needs and support.

Following the religious celebration, Capitanich expressed his gratitude to the religious community for their warm welcome and spoke about the power bestowed upon them by God to serve the community.

The mass, which took place on the eve of Santa Rita de Casia Day on May 22, was conducted by Father Rafael Del Blanco, the parish priest of the chapel under the Holy Trinity parish.

Capitanich, accompanied by Minister of Government and Labor Juan Manuel Chapo, addressed the attendees, highlighting the significance of the Easter season and the mission to ensure that the Church is open to the people’s demands, emotions, and hearts.

During the event, the governor engaged in discussions.

He shared ideas with the community members from nearby neighborhoods and chapels, such as “Santo Domingo” in the España neighborhood, “Virgen de los Dolores” in Villa Don Enrique, “Virgen María de Guadalupe” close to the bus terminal, and the Santísima Trinidad parish in the Santa Inés neighborhood.

Capitanich also mentioned an ongoing urban pavement program in the neighborhood and highlighted the 66 construction projects across the province, encompassing repairs, extensions, and comprehensive improvements in churches, chapels, parishes, and other religious buildings.

The religious community expressed gratitude to Capitanich for constructing the Santa Rita chapel, emphasizing its significance as a gathering space for the faithful.

The chapel was inaugurated two years ago with an investment exceeding 36 million pesos.

Additionally, the faithful acknowledged and praised the various development projects carried out by the Provincial Executive in the surrounding neighborhoods.

Finally, they concluded the event by praying for God’s protection and blessings upon the governor under the intercession of Santa Rita.

In other news, Capitanich announced his participation in the Holy Mass for public authorities on Monday morning, May 22, at the “San José” parish in Puerto Tirol.

The Archbishop of Resistencia, Monsignor Ramón Alfredo Dus, will officiate the ceremony.

The festivity, which attracts thousands of faithful from different parts of the country to Puerto Tirol, is being celebrated this year under the theme: “With Santa Rita in Communion and Participation, Let’s Live the Mission.”

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