New York Experiences First Major Snowfall in Nearly Two Years

New York Experiences First Major Snowfall in Nearly Two Years

New York City sees its first major snowfall in nearly two years, bringing icy roads and essential travel updates. Stay informed on NYC’s winter weather.

Significant Snowfall Blankets in New York City

After a long period of nearly two years, New York City witnessed its first significant snowfall. 

The city’s streets were covered with a fresh blanket of snow overnight, and meteorologists predict even more snowfall in the coming hours.

Snowfall Measurements and Duration

As the National Weather Service reported, Central Park recorded approximately 1.4 inches of snow by 7 a.m. 

The snow began late Monday evening, about 0.4 inches before midnight, and continued into the early morning hours. 

This event marks the first substantial snow accumulation in 701 days for the Big Apple.

Recalling the Last Snowfall

It has been a while since New York City saw more than an inch of snow. 

The last occurrence was on February 13, 2022, when 1.6 inches of snow blanketed the city.

Meteorological Factors Behind the Snowfall

This wintry weather is attributed to a low-pressure system moving along the East Coast from the South. 

This system has been responsible for snowfall along the Interstate 95 corridor, stretching from Virginia to Maine

New Yorkers might witness up to another inch of snow by the end of Tuesday. 

However, this will likely be accompanied by other forms of precipitation, including sleet and potentially hazardous freezing rain.

Weather Advisory and Predictions

“The light snow will continue to fall across the region but will transition to a wintry mix along the coast later this morning,” stated the National Weather Service in an early morning tweet. 

An accompanying arctic blast is expected to plunge temperatures, potentially turning New York City into a slippery, ice-covered landscape. 

The week’s temperatures are forecasted to remain exceptionally cold, with highs around the low 20s on Wednesday, slightly rising later in the week.

Expert Opinions and Warnings

AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Matt Benz commented on the situation, noting that, unlike previous light flurries, lower temperatures will likely lead to slippery and snow-covered roads and sidewalks. 

New York City’s Emergency Management has issued warnings about ice accumulation of up to a tenth of an inch and advises residents to exercise caution, especially during morning commutes. 

A winter weather advisory is in place until 8 p.m. Tuesday.

City’s Preparations and Mayor’s Statement

In anticipation of the snowfall, New York City Mayor Eric Adams assured residents of the city’s preparedness on Monday night. 

“With snowfall projected to hit our area this evening into tomorrow morning, New Yorkers should take the necessary precautions to remain safe,” he said. 

Mayor Adams also encouraged residents to sign up for Notify NYC for updates on winter weather conditions, emphasizing the city’s readiness to handle the situation despite the long gap since the last significant snowfall.

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