Stellar Blade: Mastering the ‘Looking At You’ Mission

Learn how to master the “Looking At You” mission in Stellar Blade. Gather Mind Map Copies and explore the vibrant settings of Xion to help Lily repair Enya.

Stellar Blade

In the vibrant world of Stellar Blade, players embark on various quests, one of which is the intriguing side mission titled “Looking At You.” 

Your primary objective in this Mission is to collect three elusive Mind Map Copies to aid Lily in repairing a character named Enya. 

This Mission unfolds in the neon-lit underground of Xion, starting with a conversation with Su at the local basement bar.

Mission Initiation

“Looking At You” is accessible immediately upon your arrival in Xion. 

An exclamation mark on the west side of the game map marks it. 

To kick off the Mission, head down the stairs into the bar and approach the stage. 

However, if you’ve been following the main storyline and visited Sisters’ Junk, you might have already encountered a Mind Map Copy for sale, sparking curiosity about its purpose.

Understanding Mind Map Copies

While the Mind Map Copies may not have a direct function, they hold a crucial role in your journey. 

These quest items are the key to progressing in the game and completing the ‘Looking At You’ Mission. 

Gathering them not only rewards you with 900 Gold, two Highly Concentrated Potions, one Lingering Potion, and a substantial increase in SP (Skill Points), but also opens up new quests, enhancing your game experience.

Where to Find the Mind Map Copies 

To commence your quest for the Mind Map Copies, your first step is to speak with Lily at the Safehouse about Enya’s repairs. 

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Lily will list the required materials:

  • 3 Mind Map Copies
  • 10 Extreme Nano Elements
  • 1 WB Pump

The WB Pump can be purchased at any shop, and by this point in the game, you should have accumulated enough Extreme Nano Elements. The Mind Map Copies, however, require a bit more effort to locate.

The first Mind Map Copy is available at Sisters’ Junk in Xion. 

Simply head to the store, indicated by a pink shopping bag icon on your map, and purchase the item from Kaya for 1,000 Gold.

The remaining two copies are dropped by unique creatures known as Naytiba, resembling balloons with legs. 

One is located on a narrow path on the north side of the Wasteland. 

From the entrance, follow the path and turn sharply left, heading north back towards yourself. 

This Naytiba is guarded by two Hedgeboars. The other Naytiba awaits at the end of a path south of the Wasteland entrance and is unguarded.

Completing the Mission 

Once you have all the Mind Map Copies and the other necessary materials, return them to Lily at the Safehouse. 

She will then repair Enya, marking the successful completion of the “Looking At You” Mission.

This quest not only offers substantial rewards but also deepens your involvement in the game’s narrative, making each step in Xion an adventure worth exploring.

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