Luxury Travel Secrets of Billionaires Exclusive Insights from Jaclyn Sienna India

Luxury Travel Secrets of Billionaires: Exclusive Insights from Jaclyn Sienna India

Explore the luxurious travel secrets of billionaires with insights from expert Jaclyn Sienna India, including unique destinations, private chefs, and bespoke accommodations.

Swapping Penthouses for Yachts and Villas

Jaclyn Sienna India, the founder of Sienna Charles, a members-only travel agency, reveals that the wealthiest clients are now preceding traditional luxury hotel stays. Penthouses, once a staple of high-end travel, are becoming passé. Instead, billionaires prefer the privacy and customization of yachts and villas. These properties are often owned and outfitted by their peers, ensuring that every detail meets their extravagant standards—from tailored staff training to preferred gourmet foods.

Simplifying Travel with No Luggage Hassles

Another luxury the ultra-rich enjoy is travelling without luggage concerns. Rather than carrying bags, they ship their belongings ahead via courier services like FedEx, ensuring everything arrives at their destination without hassle or delay.

Dining In with Personal Chefs

While many travellers seek out new culinary experiences, the mega-rich often choose to dine in. India notes that her clients prefer the consistency of meals prepared by their chefs, even when travelling. This preference allows them to maintain specific diets and health regimens, making eating out at restaurants, even high-end ones, less appealing.

Seeking Unique and Undiscovered Destinations

The mega-rich continually search for new and unique travel experiences, moving away from crowded tourist hotspots. They opt for places like Sardinia or lesser-known Sicilian islands, seeking privacy and exclusivity that typical destinations cannot offer.

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Key Services of Sienna Charles

Membership TierAnnual CostServices Included
Basic$75,000Unlimited travel and dining reservations
Premium$150,000Lifestyle services, including spa bookings, staffing, and home gym setups

Advice for the Average Traveler

For those without the means to close down Versailles for dinner, India recommends choosing destinations that offer natural privacy and amenities, such as staying at a friend’s house in the Hamptons with pool and beach access. She cautions against chasing the celebrity lifestyle in popular areas, often leading to crowded, less enjoyable experiences.

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