Bangkok Welcomes the Grand Finale of AMAZING MUAYTHAI, ROAD TO RAJADAMNERN

Bangkok Welcomes the Grand Finale of AMAZING MUAYTHAI, ROAD TO RAJADAMNERN

Catch the thrilling ‘AMAZING MUAYTHAI, ROAD TO RAJADAMNERN’ in Bangkok for an unforgettable blend of Muay Thai and Thai cultural experiences.

Bangkok, Thailand – In a spectacular martial arts display, Bangkok recently hosted the final round of “AMAZING MUAYTHAI, ROAD TO RAJADAMNERN.” 

This event, held on December 22 at the iconic Rajadamnern Stadium, was the culmination of a series that saw participants from Slovakia and Japan competing for the top honors in Muay Thai.

Spreading Thai Traditions Across the Globe

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), in partnership with Rajadamnern Stadium, has been at the forefront of promoting Thai culture worldwide. 

According to Mr. Nithee Seeprae, TAT Deputy Governor for Marketing Communications, the event is part of their strategy to offer tourists unique experiences that embody Thai culture, including food, film, festivals, fighting (Muay Thai), and fashion.

International Fighters Battle for Supremacy

This event was not just another fight night but a well-orchestrated international tournament. 

Fighters from Slovakia and Japan, who had triumphed in previous rounds, came to Bangkok to showcase their skills. 

The final round was thrilling, with four action-packed fights featuring some of the best Muay Thai talents worldwide.

A Night of Champions

The final round was a treat for Muay Thai enthusiasts, with titles such as the WMC Female Intercontinental Bantamweight and WMC Asia Featherweight up for grabs. 

Fighters like Monika Chochlikova and Asahi P.K.Saenchai emerged as winners in their respective bouts, showcasing skill, strength, and sportsmanship.

From Slovakia to Japan, Ending in Thailand

The series, which started in Slovakia, moved through Japan, and ended in Thailand, was a massive hit. 

It attracted many spectators, with events being sold out and attracting thousands of fans, including many from overseas.

Economic and Cultural Significance

Mr. Thienchai Phisitwuttinan, CEO of Global Sports Ventures and Executive Director of Rajadamnern Boxing Stadium, expressed pride in hosting the final round. 

The event not only celebrated Muay Thai as a sport but also significantly contributed to boosting tourism and the sports industry in Thailand.

Recent statistics show a significant increase in the international popularity of Muay Thai, especially at Rajadamnern Stadium. 

This growth in interest underscores the sport’s legendary status and the stadium’s appeal as a major destination for sports enthusiasts.


In conclusion, the “AMAZING MUAYTHAI, ROAD TO RAJADAMNERN” event in Bangkok was more than just a sporting event; it was a celebration of Thai culture and an illustration of how traditional sports like Muay Thai can captivate audiences worldwide.

This event marks a significant step in Thailand’s journey to becoming a global hub for sports tourism.

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