Georgie Parker Balancing Soap Opera and Stage

Georgie Parker Balancing Soap Opera and Stage

Georgie Parker discusses balancing ‘Home and Away’ with theatre, highlighting Roo Stewart’s evolution and versatile acting career.

Taking Time Off for Creative Pursuits

Australian actress Georgie Parker, renowned for her role as Roo Stewart on the popular soap opera “Home and Away,” recently shed light on her decision to occasionally step away from the show. 

Since joining the cast in 2010, Parker has been known to take brief hiatuses, not for leisure but to indulge in her passion for theatre, including plays and pantomimes.

Flexibility in Storytelling

In an interview with Australia’s TV Week, Parker expressed her gratitude for the show’s flexibility, allowing her to explore various artistic avenues. 

She emphasized the challenges the writers face in accommodating her absences, saying, “The writers have to keep writing me out of the show so I can come and go – to do the plays and other little gigs here and there, so I do not envy them having to do that.”

A Career Enriched by Diversity

For Parker, these breaks are more than just time off; they are opportunities to enrich her career. 

At this time in my career, it is important that I explore all the options of working with people I have worked with for 40 years. So I am very grateful I get the freedom to do both,” she explained.

Reflecting on Roo’s Journey

Looking back at Roo’s storylines over the past year, Parker expressed satisfaction with the character’s development and the diverse interactions Roo had with other characters. 

“I am very happy with what the writers have given Roo. She has lived a big life, and I have been able to interact with different characters this year, which I have thoroughly enjoyed,” Parker remarked.


In conclusion, Georgie Parker’s approach to her role in “Home and Away” showcases a harmonious balance between commitment to a long-standing TV character and the pursuit of diverse theatrical experiences, reflecting her dedication to her craft and the dynamic nature of her career.

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