Sam Mitchell's Bumpy Ride in EastEnders

Sam Mitchell’s Bumpy Ride in EastEnders

Get the scoop on Sam Mitchell’s rocky return to EastEnders! From family feuds to a game-changing career offer, dive into the latest drama in Albert Square.

Back on the Block, But Not Exactly Welcomed

Remember Sam Mitchell? 

Kim Medcalf plays her and is back on Albert Square, but her return to ‘EastEnders‘ in 2022 has yet to be a walk in the park. 

She has brought a small quantity of chaos along with her luggage.

Tough Times with Family

Things got spicy with her and Jack Branning (Scott Maslen for you), especially over their kid, Ricky Jr Mitchell (cheers to Frankie Day for the role). 

Ricky has been pretty shaken up with his mum popping back into his life. 

And Sam?

She went and said something about parenting that got Ricky all wound up. 

Not the best move, Sam.

An Unexpected Call

When you think things could not get more twisted, Sam gets this phone call. 

It is about some big-shot business opportunity. 

Everyone’s ears perked up: Is Sam Mitchell about to leave the Square?

What is the Gossip?

Well, hold your horses because nothing is set in stone yet. 

Sam has yet to pack her bags just this second. 

But that phone call? 

Big news. 

It was from her ex-fiancĂ©, Don, who wants her to run his new hotel in Spain. 

Talk about a plot twist!

Family Feuds and Decisions

Phil Mitchell (yep, that is Steve McFadden) is not giving her the time of day to chat about it. 

So, Sam turns to Jack, but he is fuming about her possibly ditching Ricky again. 

Conversely, Honey Mitchell (played by Emma Barton) thinks it is brilliant. 

It could mean big bucks for Ricky’s new baby, changing their lives for the better.

So, What is Next for Sam?

The million-dollar question is: Will Sam jet off to Spain for this new gig, leaving Ricky and the EastEnders drama behind? 

Or will she stick around, trying to make things right with her son? 

It is a tough call, and all eyes are on Sam as she mulls over this life-changing decision.

Will She Stay, or Will She Go?

For now, the folks at ‘EastEnders’ are keeping mum about whether Sam’s saying her goodbyes. 

So, we are all on the edge of our seats, waiting to see what Sam Mitchell decides. 

Will she leap Spain, or is her heart too tied to Albert Square? 

Stay tuned, folks, because this story is just getting interesting!

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