Travel Alert Harsh Snow Squalls Strike Newfoundland

Travel Alert: Harsh Snow Squalls Strike Newfoundland

Travel alert for Newfoundland: Intense snow squalls and blizzard conditions are expected; stay informed on weather updates and safety tips.

Urgent Warning for Motorists

Residents of Newfoundland are facing challenging times as powerful sea-effect snow squalls continue to hit the region. 

The island is currently grappling with extreme weather conditions expected to persist into Friday. 

These squalls, driven by cold, westerly winds, create dangerous travel situations.

Intense Snow Accumulation Anticipated

Western Newfoundland is set to bear the brunt of this weather event. 

In these areas, snowfall could reach staggering heights up to 50 cm. 

The possibility of blizzard-like conditions further complicates the situation, as wind gusts are forecast to reach speeds between 80-100 km/h. 

It is crucial to understand that sea-effect snow squalls are notoriously unpredictable, leading to drastic changes in weather over short distances.

Driving Advice During Squalls

If you are planning to drive, extreme caution is advised. 

Heavy snowfall and strong winds will drastically reduce visibility, making driving conditions perilous. 

Snow is expected to accumulate rapidly, adding to the difficulty of travel.

Impact Across Different Regions

The strongest impact of these squalls will be felt from Port-aux-Basque to the Northern Peninsula, affecting communities like Stephenville, Corner Brook, and Deer Lake. 

Additionally, another band of snow is expected to impact the Burin Peninsula and parts of the Avalon, though to a lesser degree. 

Snowfall could vary between 5-15 cm in areas around St. John’s.

Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) has highlighted the variable nature of these squalls, with weather conditions swiftly shifting from clear to heavy snow over short distances.

Blizzard Conditions and Freezing Temperatures

Alongside the snow, strong winds will continue to buffet Newfoundland, leading to near-zero visibility and treacherous travel conditions. 

The region also braces for a temperature drop, with expected wind chills plunging to -10 to -20 degrees Celsius.

Weather Outlook for the Coming Days

While the winds are expected to calm down by the weekend, with slightly milder wind chill values, the temperatures will remain stubbornly below freezing into the following week.

In these challenging times, residents must keep abreast of the latest weather updates and plan their travels carefully to ensure their safety during this severe weather event.

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