Tragic Shooting at Outlet Mall in Dallas

Tragic Shooting at Outlet Mall in Dallas Suburb Results in 9 Dead and 7 Injured

At least nine people, including the gunman, lost their lives, and seven others were injured in a terrible shooting incident at an outlet mall in a Dallas suburb on Saturday afternoon, according to the police.

The Allen Police Department received a report of gunshots at Allen Premium Outlets at 3:36 p.m. from an officer who was on an unrelated call.

The officer quickly found and stopped the shooter, said Brian Harvey, the police chief for the Allen Police Department, during a press conference on Saturday night. The shooter is thought to have acted alone.

Tragic Shooting at Outlet Mall in Dallas
Tragic Shooting at Outlet Mall in Dallas

The officer called for help, and a team of emergency workers from different agencies ensured the mall was safe.

“This is an ongoing, active investigation”


According to Allen Fire Department Chief Jonathan Boyd, seven people, including the shooter, were found dead at the scene, while nine people were taken to nearby hospitals. Sadly, two of the nine hospitalized individuals have passed away, while three are in critical condition, and four are stable.

Medical City Healthcare, a hospital system in the Dallas area, said in a written statement that they were treating eight people aged 5 to 61.

A video posted on social media seems to show the shooter getting out of a car and starting to shoot in front of the outlet mall.

Many police vehicles, armored trucks, and ambulances came to the scene. Hundreds of people were evacuated from the area, with some holding their hands up, and police were seen guiding them away from the mall.

Tragic Shooting at Outlet Mall in Dallas
Tragic Shooting at Outlet Mall in Dallas

Fontayne Payton, 35, was at an H&M store when he heard the gunfire, even though he was wearing headphones. “It was so loud; it sounded right outside,” he said.

“Our deepest sympathies are with the victims’ families. This is a tragedy. People will be looking for answers. Moreover, we’re sorry those families are experiencing that loss.”

Police Chief Harvey said

Texas Governor Gregg Abbott spoke with Allen Mayor Ken Fulk and Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steven McCraw, offering his support. “Our hearts are with the people of Allen, Texas, tonight during this unspeakable tragedy,” the governor said.

U.S. Rep. Keith Self, whose district includes Collin County, tweeted, “We are devastated by the tragic news of the shootings at the Allen Premium Outlets today. Our prayers are with the victims, their families, and all law enforcement on the scene.”

A White House official announced that President Biden had been informed about the shooting and was in contact with law enforcement and local officials to offer help.

Allen, home to around 109,000 people, is about 25 miles north of downtown Dallas.

A vigil will occur at 5 p.m. on Sunday at Cottonwood Creek Church in Allen.

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