Walking Pad A Novelty That Quickly Wore Off

Walking Pad: A Novelty That Quickly Wore Off

Paige DiFiore reflects on her walking pad purchase, highlighting the fleeting thrill and the importance of novelty in maintaining routines.

When I first got my walking pad a year ago, it felt like the missing piece to my ideal treadmill-desk setup. 

TikToks showing gleeful users of treadmill desks at home had become a constant on my feed, convincing me this was the perfect purchase. 

However, now, I find myself questioning its worth.

Initial Enthusiasm Turns to Disinterest

I had previously bought a standing desk, and given the 40+ hours I spend working from home, a walking pad would help counter my sedentary lifestyle. 

The thrill of walking while working kept me engaged for the first three months. I was diligent in my routine, but as time passed, my once-daily walks were reduced to a mere once a week.

With its inviting outdoor weather, summer gave me more reasons to avoid the walking pad. 

Excuses like not wanting to get sweaty before social outings, the lack of air conditioning in my office, or the simple inconvenience of setting it up became commonplace.

The Weight of Regret

The walking pad, weighing nearly 70 pounds, soon became cumbersome in my office. 

The effort to set up and store away, especially given its weight, made it easier to leave it out.

I missed the ease with which I could sit at my desk.

Where It Missed the Mark

Looking back, the walking pad lacked two essential elements to keep me hooked: novelty and accountability. 

I even tried roping in a friend early on. We would share our walking milestones, but her enthusiasm waned, too, and our mutual accountability vanished.

I attempted to reignite my interest by setting personal challenges. 

From walking to the entirety of Pitbull’s discography to aiming for a 5K during work hours, I tried it all. 

However, the thrill faded, and the walking pad found its place among my other abandoned hobbies.

A Cautionary Tale

I suggest rethinking to those considering a walking pad, especially if you are someone like me who thrives on novelty and accountability. 

It might start as an exciting addition to your routine but can quickly become another expensive gadget gathering dust.

Perhaps I might give the walking pad another shot in the winter when staying indoors seems more appealing.

Until then, it remains a stark reminder of my fleeting hobbies and the money spent on them.

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