Dirty truths behind the soap stars of Days of Our Lives

Dirty truths behind the soap stars of “Days of Our Lives”

Soap operas have been an integral part of television for decades, and “Days of Our Lives” is one of the world’s longest-running and most popular soap operas.

The show, which premiered in 1965, has seen many actors come and go, but some have left a lasting impression on fans.

However, behind the glitz and glamour of the showbiz industry, some dirty truths have been revealed about the soap stars of “Days of Our Lives.”

One of the biggest dirty truths of “Days of Our Lives” is the prevalence of infidelity and cheating among the stars.

There have been numerous reports of soap stars having affairs with their co-stars, which has led to some messy breakups and divorces.

One example is the affair between Brandon Beemer (who played Shawn Douglas Brady) and Nadia Bjorlin (who played Chloe Lane).

The two had a very public relationship, but it ended in a messy breakup after Beemer was caught cheating with his co-star Martha Madison (who played Belle Black).

Another dirty truth is the use of drugs and alcohol among soap stars.

One example is the actor Freddie Smith (who played Sonny Kiriakis), who was arrested for drunk driving in 2015.

Smith was found to have a blood-alcohol level of 0.093, which is above the legal limit in most states. This incident led to Smith being suspended from the show briefly.

Aside from cheating and substance abuse, some soap stars have also been involved in legal troubles.

For instance, Arianne Zucker (who played Nicole Walker) was the victim of a controversial comment made by former “Access Hollywood” host Billy Bush and former US President Donald Trump in a 2005 video.

In the video, Trump is heard making vulgar comments about Zucker while on the set of “Days of Our Lives.”

The incident received widespread media attention, and both Bush and Trump faced backlash for their comments.

Despite these dirty truths, many “Days of Our Lives” soap stars have maintained successful careers and personal lives.

Some of the most notable stars of the show include Deidre Hall (who played Dr. Marlena Evans), Kristian Alfonso (who played Hope Brady), and Drake Hogestyn (who played John Black).

In conclusion, while “Days of Our Lives” has provided us with many memorable moments and characters, the soap opera industry is not without its dirty truths.

Cheating, substance abuse, and legal troubles have plagued some of the show’s stars.

However, there are still many talented and dedicated actors who continue to bring joy to fans around the world.

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