Preeya Kalidas Hospitalized after Gym Incident

Preeya Kalidas Hospitalized after Gym Incident

EastEnders star Preeya Kalidas suffers an injury during her gym session and shares the experience with fans while reminiscing about her cherished days on the show.

Renowned star Preeya Kalidas experienced an unfortunate turn of events during her early-morning gym session today. The actress, popular for her role as Amira Masood on the BBC One soap, faced a painful accident that left her hand in “pain, blood, and throbbing.”

Gym Accident Takes a Toll

Beginning her day with zest, Preeya, unfortunately, trapped her finger in a gym door, which promptly necessitated a visit to the A&E. Highlighting the unpredictability of life, she posted on her X profile:

“So up and about starting the day in the gym. Then, trapped finger in the door. Now, In A&E, the moral of the story. Anything can happen at any point, so LIVE!”

Preeya posted pictures of her injured hand on Instagram Stories to give her fans a visual update. Alongside, she shared a video showing her right index finger being meticulously bandaged by a healthcare worker.

Laughter Amidst the Pain

Despite the anguish, the actress managed to find humor in the situation. She warmly thanked the NHS staff, especially pointing out a nurse who lightened the mood with a quirky comment. Preeya told her fans, “Also, Thank you @NHSuk staff for being amazing. Through the pain, blood, and throbbing, the nurse made me laugh [and said] ‘I need to put this on like a condom.'” On being questioned about her well-being, Preeya responded affirmatively, confirming that she was recovering well.

Preeya Kalidas Makes Swift Recovery

Preeya Kalidas has fully recovered after a concerning gym incident where she trapped her finger in a door. Following the immediate medical attention and overwhelming support from fans, Preeya is now in a normal condition. Her resilience and the timely care she received played a crucial role in her swift recovery. We wish her continued well-being and success in her future endeavors.

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